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Welcome to The03Blog! Where the most chaotic things happen.
So, you have landed onto my blog; The03Blog!
This website is just like it sounds, a blog. It's not just a blog, however, there are many pages and things I have added too. Because a blog is kinda boring if it's just posts. Also, you can see that this layout and design is definitly not what you would expect for a modern 'professional' looking blog. I think most of you can agree that modern websites look like garbage. Especially websites like mine, where its a personal blog. That is the reason my blog looks like this, I didn't want to use some ugly looking, pre created preset that I may modify a tiny bit. This website layout and design was fully created by me. By just experimenting and making html and css until it looked good. Away with the garbage blog layouts made by 'professionals', bring in layouts made by yourself. That's what I think.

Explore around the site! There may be not much but it is always fun looking around.

Nostalgia?! Where??
Literally by just looking at this website for the first time will propably give you nostalgia, just look at the old design. I have also added old stuff you may find while on this 'adventure' on my site. They always say 'out with the new and in with the old' right? I think I said that correctly.

I like to create and add stuff on this webiste, this site is kinda like a hobby to me. Look out for cool new things that may be added tommorow, the next day, or maybe even today! Plus, to keep you updated, I got an updates page you can check out.
How did The03Blog come into existence? Well, it all started with my mom's website. Back in 2004, my mom had made a website of her own. Sadly, it doesn't exist anymore due to the host being shutdown but there are many archives on the Wayback Machine. Anyway, one time my mom had shown me her website and I thought it was really cool how you could just have your own website and be able to do whatever you want on it. And so, using an editor called Wix, I created The03Blog! The website has seen many layouts throughout the years which you can check out here. This website has also seen many host sites. After realizing that Wix is garbage, I decided to move over to Wordpress. I did like Wordpress a lot better than Wix since it was built for blogs and also had custom html. The thing I hated the most about Wordpress, though, is that you didn't have much control over your site. So I then moved onto A2Hosting. I still use this host to this day because of one thing, the ability to choose the editor. What I mean is that you can have a domain like '' which has Wordpress installed on it then you can install a calendar thing on ''. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, I used many different editors after getting A2Hosting but I eventually went back to Wordpress. Using Wordpress with my host actually is a lot better than just using Wordpress by itself. It gives a lot more stuff. You can also edit the files in the site now, which I couldn't before.
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